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We provide a complete product range of continental plants from quality approved nurseries throughout Europe.

Our range consists of

  • Shrubs and Garden plants for retail sales Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter
  • Houseplants - full year round availabilty including target markets of Mothers Day and Christmas ranges
  • Landscaping plants - for interior and exterior A-Z planting requirements

Dispatch takes place daily from our international depo in Holland.

We have been supplying the UK's leading garden centres and nurseries for the past 50 years. Tillage has prospered by meeting our customers needs with outstanding service, quality products and competitive prices.

We value the opportunity in supplying you and look forward to discussing your requirements.

Kind regards,
Boyd Batchelor - sales manager

Our Range of Houseplants and Garden Plants



Bonsai + Lucky Bamboo

Cactus & Succulents

Christmas Special Promotions Listing including Cyclamen, Poinsettia, Hyacinths, Azaleas, Solanum and Christmas Cacti

Cactus & Succulents

Flowering Houseplants -
Full A to Z Seasonal Selection

Foliage Houseplants -
Full A to Z All Year Round Selection

Mothers Day Special Promotions Listings


Shrubs and Seasonal Garden Plants

Shrubs & Seasonal Garden Plants

Bay Trees -
Laurus Nobilis





Fruit Trees

Heathers -
Erica and Calluna

Hedging Plants
including rootballed specimen stock

Herbacious Perennials

Landscaping and Amenity Shrubs and Trees

Ornamental Bedding Plants -
Seasonal availability

Rhododendron & Azaleas


Topiary -
Including Buxus and Taxus

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